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Behind the Scenes

Hello and a warm welcome to all our regular readers, to introduce myself, my name is John and I am the head chef here at kingfisher. The blog is normally written by the lovely Laura but I’ll be hijacking the site for all things cheffy and food related over the coming weeks.

So where to start? recipes or restaurant reviews? how about peek behind the scenes and a snippet of the work that goes into organising the food for a wedding or event.

So last week we cooked at two events and all together 180 people needed feeding. So I sat down Monday morning with menus in hand, time to write a shopping list. Anyone been shopping for 180 people before? Working out the quantities is the key here, order enough but keep within budget!
Menu 1 was a Roast sirloin of beef, blue cheese Dauphinoise Potato, green beans, baby carrots and a red wine jus.
Menu 2 was a hot fork buffet consisting of amongst other dishes, a Braised blade of beef, root vegetables, red wine and rosemary served with a Creamed Potato.

Right, so how may potato’s do I need for 180 people? Ah! ok lets work this out, so 180 portions x 200g per person = 36 kg. So ok lets order in 50kg to be on the safe side. (Watching Tom our assistant chef peeling potatoes is like seeing bear grylls with a jungle trekking machete in hand!!)

All our vegetables turn up at 8am on Wednesday, delivered by our st Albans based supplier sourced from Covent Garden markets at 3am that day.

So spuds have arrived, it’s now prep time, so Tom makes a start (50kgs Ha! ha!) Three hours later, two broken peelers and one disgruntled chef, potato’s DONE (Thanks Gordon)

Still got 20 kgs of carrots and 3 cases of green beans to prepare. Might have to get of the laptop and give him a hand or could easily have munity.

Until next time . . .


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Food Lovers!

Last Saturday we catered for the lovely Ellie & Mel at Creslow Manor, it was a big ask as they wanted something different and are both great ‘foodies’, so this was one for the kitchen to get right! Not that they don’t always!
Arrival drinks and canapes were served in the grounds of Quails Egg Benedict, and Parmesan Shortbread, Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade, and Confit Lamb Shouder Croquette, Sticky red onion jam.

photo 1

We suggested having twice baked goats cheese souffle, as a starter, this is served with figs, honeyed pecan and pink lady salad, parmesan cream. 115 souffles all cooked to perfection left the kitchen and empty plates returned!
For main course we suggested the different element would be to get a guest from each tabe to come to kitchen complete with apron and chefs hat to collect a sirlion of beef on a wooden board for them to serve. This went down so well, they posed, laughed and even carved well!
This was served with sides of roasted field mushrooms, hand cut chips, roasted butternut, red onions, crumbled feta and roasted courgettes, broccoli, lemon and oregano butter with toasted almonds.


Great fun had by everyone involved. Today we received this lovely email from Ellie & Mal, its great to know we made every vision they had for their day come true! not to mention feeding them a meal that they will never forget! Well Done Team!

We wanted to send you an email to thank you so much for making our wedding reception so wonderful on Saturday. From rescuing the tablecloth situation to your calm under pressure, you and your team were the ultimate professionals, and we are so grateful.

The food was, without exception, spectacular, and every single guest commented on it to us. We love that it was different to the sort of wedding food that people normally experience – soufflé for 120 people really is quite something! The quality of the ingredients that you used was evident, especially in the roast beef which was cooked to perfection.

I don’t know what was in the lamb canapé, but at one point I discovered a black market of trading going on amongst the guests for the remaining ones… could trade one for up to a whole glass of champagne! People are still talking about them on Facebook!

As well as this, the team you brought with you really added to our enjoyment of the day. Laura did an utterly magnificent job managing the timings and checking things with us without stressing us out – her calmness, kindness and professional manner were amazing. She even managed to find time to make sure I felt ok and was being looked after.

All the waiting staff, in particular the lovely man who waited on top table, were so friendly and enthusiastic about the food, which really added to the occasion. They really seemed to care and take time over their work, and we can’t praise them enough.

Please pass on our thanks to all concerned. We feel so lucky to have found Kingfisher and will be recommending you to everyone – although your food and service speaks for itself for anyone that was at our wedding.

Thank you, a million times, for making two food-lovers very happy

photo 2

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