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October Sunshine & Lamb Shank

When you book an October wedding in a Tipis in the middle of a field you take a chance on the weather being fine, so you choose a wholesome winter menu to make sure your guests are warmed from the inside out!
That’s what Mary & Ed did on Saturday, they chose braised lamb shank, redcurrant and mint gravy, crispy leeks and buttered mash, served with carrots, broccoli and sticky parsnips! The guests all commented on how delicious it was and judging by the clean plates returning to the kitchen they were not wrong!
Mary & Ed had spent a long time planning elements of their special day. They had old wine bottles with names around the necks as a table plan, they collected 120 jam jars for the guests to have welcome drinks in of ginger beer and pimms, but Ed stole the show with a 1000 origami cranes folded individually by himself which he hung from the tent with fishing wire, the effect was stunning! It is a Japanese legend, that promises to bring eternal good luck for the couple. It took him almost a year to do them! That’s dedication!

I apologise for the lack of pictures this week, had some problems with my camera, but will post more from this event later in the week!

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