Menu Choices? Decisions, Decisions!!

It’s hard to choose what to have for your main wedding breakfast . . .  it’s such a huge decision, with lots of different dietary requirements these days, and certain family and friends not eating certain things, it can feel like the hardest decision of all!

So to help you through this dilemma, we offer an individual complimentary tasting with you both, here at our kitchens to help.  This also gives you time to meet the team and for us to discuss the logistics of your day and advise if necessary.

I always feel the main place to start is with what you would both choose at your favourite restaurant and work from there. Remember its your day and your guests are there for you, so choose for yourselves! We ask you to pick a few starters, mains and desserts to try, then we can work from there. Our experienced chefs will advise on selections that work well together and will adapt anything to suit your individual requirements.

We have lots of our 2020 couples due in for tastings over the next 2 months, we can’t wait to meet them and start working with them towards their most special day!

Here is some inspiration from last summer . . .

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