A wedding & a Party!

Busy weekend for us, Luton Hoo on Friday for Jheaneel & Mark’s wedding for 280 guests, followed by a 50th Birthday celebration for Lorna & Mark in Kimpton on Saturday.

Fridays menu consisted of canapés on arrival: Pumpkin Bisque Shooters served hot; Hoisin Duck, Spring Onion, Savoy Cabbage; Tempura Tiger Prawn; Panko Crusted Chicken Fingers, Lemon Mayo.

This was followed by mini sliders served on boards to the tables; Salmon And Lemon Encroute; Thai Green Chicken Skewer; Broccoli Quiche; Mini Pizzas; Mini Cheese Burgers; Marinated Lamb Skewers- Mint, Red Chilli, Orange.

Following the speeches the guests moved to the bar area and dance floor where we served more canapés! Sag Aloo Samosa; Mozzarella And Parsley Arancini; Mini Steak And Ale Pie; Puff Pastry Cheese And Bacon Bite.

That was 3892 pieces of food, took all our 5 greatest chefs to plate up and hours of prep time! Well done guys!

Saturday we looked after Lorna & Charlie who were celebrating their 5oth birthdays. Lots of friends and family enjoyed a great party in a marquee in their garden. We served canapés and bowl food and looked after their bar service. Lots of dancing and shots kept the party going until the early hours! Great night for a lovely couple!

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