Ten New Year Resolutions for our 2014 brides to be!

According to this months Wedding Magazine these are the top 10 resolutions you should all be making!

#1 I will… remain cool, calm and collected!

For the last year you’ve known your wedding will be taking place next year, but now the clock’s struck midnight and, quite suddenly, it’s happening this year. THIS YEAR. And that’s beyond exciting, and totally terrifying too. Don’t start your wedding year in a panic, instead write a detailed schedule of all you need to do in the run-up. Not only will it look totally doable – it is, we promise! – but it’ll also look way more exciting too!

#2 I will… keep the peace!

Emotions run high where weddings are concerned. Whether it’s a spat between bridesmaids, or an upset mother in law (because you’re not wearing the ‘vintage’ hat she married in) – it will be up to you and your fiancé to keep the peace between the different people in your life. Ironing out any issues in the run-up to the wedding will ensure everyone’s happy and nothing kicks off on the day.

#3 I will… get my beauty sleep!

From your hen do right up to the night before your big day, this is going to be one hectic year of big marriage-milestones! You might be tempted to stay up late folding invites or even find yourself ticking off your to-do list as you lie in bed, but remember everything is so much easier when you’ve had a full eight-hour kip. So, start as you mean to go on and make this the year of rest and relaxation.

#4 I will… be decisive when I need to be!

We can all be indecisive at times – whether it’s umm-ing and ahh-ing over a menu or picking out clothes while shopping. But now it’s the Year of the Wedding, you’ll need to start narrowing down your options. Long dress or short? White flowers or bright flowers? Fruitcake or cupcakes? Once you start making those definite decisions, everything else will start falling into place.

#5 I will… keep the romance alive!

Does it feel like all you talk about these days is the wedding? It’s easy to get stuck inside a wedding planning bubble where you start to dream about table plans. If your relationship is less fifty shades of grey and more fifty shades of potential colour scheme swatches, then it’s time to set some time aside for the two of you where the W-word is banished. Take a trip to the cinema, go out for dinner or, if you’re in tight budget mode, just go for a walk. The most important thing is your relationship, so make sure it doesn’t become second priority to all things wedding.

#6 I will… remember no big day is perfect!

It’s good to set high standards for your wedding day, it is your wedding day after all! Just try not to set them so high you find your blood pressure creeping up to perfection mode. For instance, it’s quite possible you won’t be able to achieve the floral arrangements of Kate Middleton at the abbey, so it might be time to stop googling Field Maple trees and instead meet up with your local suppliers to discuss the fantastic florals they can supply.

#7 I will… learn to delegate!

The big day’s looming and you already have a lot on your bridal planning plate, so choose a handful of people you trust and let go of some elements of your big day. Whether it’s letting your fiancé book the transport, or your maid of honour coordinate the flowers, delegating means you’ll be able to spend more time on the other aspects of your day without having a wedmin-related breakdown.

#8 I will… book my honeymoon!

After the biggest day of your life… comes the biggest holiday! It might be a cold, dark, January outside but nestle on your sofa with your fiancé and start researching some fabulous breaks together. Make sure you buy the new copy of Wedding on January 9th, because we’ve got a fabulous supplement sponsored by Sandals – packed full of amazing honeymoon ideas. As well as the chance to win a dream trip too.

#9 I will… take up something new!

New year resolutions are often focused on the negative: giving up chocolate, coffee, gossiping… Instead, why not focus on the positive and start something new? Whether it’s an exercise class, adding something healthy to your diet or even learning a skill like sewing (perfect for that home-made bunting you had planned), find your ‘something new’ well in advance of the big day.

#10 I will… enjoy the planning!

It’s natural to feel a little daunted at the thought of organising the biggest day of your life, but this is something you will only do once, so rather than let it become a chore make sure you take the time to enjoy each step. Go with an empty stomach to the food tasting, swish around as much as you can at the dress fitting, pick up some extra blow-dry tips at the hair trial and have the girly night of your lifetime on your hen do. It’s going to be the most fun ever!


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